European Forum on Science & Education for Sustainability
6 October 2020, virtual event - live from Berlin

Moving Education towards Sustainability

The workshop session „Moving Education towards Sustainability" will highlight the major role that education plays in sustainable development. The aim of the workshop is to identify how the goals of the UNESCO Program „Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs" (ESD) and its five priority action areas can be meaningfully integrated into the EU's Erasmus+ Programme. Good practices from already existing Erasmus+ projects into which ESD has been successfully integrated will therefore be presented, with a focus on higher education, adult education, and vocational education and training. Questions regarding the possibilities of further synergies between Erasmus+ and ESD and how a transformation-oriented science-policy interface can be strengthened, will be addressed in joint discussions with various European participants from politics, civil society, education institutions and administration.

The workshop will split up into five breakout-sessions with the aim of developing strategies and discussing instruments, with a focus on Erasmus+:

  • Advancing policy: Mainstreaming ESD into both education and sustainable development policies, in order to create an enabling environment for ESD and to bring about systemic change. Both national and international cross-sector and multistakeholder-approaches will be discussed.
    Moderation: Sébastien Thierry, National Agency for Erasmus+, France
    Input: Susanne Feiel, Montanuniversität, Leoben, EURECA-PRO European University Alliance

  • Transforming learning and training environments: Integrating sustainability principles into education and training settings. The goal is to discuss how institutional leaders can contribute implementing a holistic approach upon ESD.
    Moderation: Barbara Hemkes, BIBB, Germany
    Input: Christian Wildt, Project Manager, Hanseatic Parliament Hamburg

  • Building capacities of educators and trainers: Increasing the capacities of educators and trainers to more effectively deliver ESD. This includes embedding the transmission of necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in teacher education programmes, for example via exchange programmes, training certification and accreditation standards.
    Moderation/Input: Prof. Marco Rieckmann, University of Vechta, Germany, Erasmus+ project presentation "A rounder sense of purpose"

  • Empowering and mobilizing youth: Multiplying ESD actions among youth. Participants in this breakout-session will discuss how to strengthen youth participation and advocacy for ESD.
    Moderation: Nele Hoge, netzwerk n e.V., Germany
    Input: Lisa Kinne, netzwerk n e.V., Project "Students shape sustainable universities"

  • Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level: Scaling up ESD programmes and multi-stakeholder ESD networks at community level. Participants in this breakout-session will discuss how Erasmus+ can serve as a suitable framework for increasing and strengthening ESD learning opportunities for the community through formal, nonformal, and informal venues.
    Moderation/Input: Dr.-Ing. Ellen Fetzer, Nuertingen Geislingen University, Germany; Project: "Community Learning for Local Change"


Workshop leader: Prof. Arjen Wals, Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability, Wageningen University
Input/Panelist: Alexander Leicht, Chief of Section of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at UNESCO
Input/Panelist: Ute Haller-Block, Head of Unit for Erasmus+ Coordination at EU Commission
Panelist: Thomas Arnold, Advisor "SDGs" at EU Commission